Other Centers

In Indian tradition, ashrams serve as both cultural centers and places of retreat, reflection, spiritual practice and community. Residents deepen their spiritual practices, do sevas (selfless services) and maintain the day-to-day operations of these centers.


Built up on the very property where Amma was born, Amritapuri is now the headquarters of Amma’s worldwide mission and the spiritual home for Amma’s monastic disciples and hundreds of householder devotees. All the residents have dedicated their lives for realising God and serving the world.

Amritapuri is the living example of the ancient Indian ideal “the whole world is one family” (vasudhaiva kutumbakam).

International M.A. Centers

M.A. Centers are widely spread around the world in India, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Want to know which center is the nearest to you?

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